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I’m an anomaly :-)

Stop laughing We always knew I was a little different…now I know (at least in one area) by how much. During day 1 of my transplant evaluation, Paula and I kept hearing that I was an anomaly. But *why* I was an anomaly…well, it seemed I just don’t fit into any of the standard categories. The surgeon […]

And so the “transplant evaluation” process starts…

On Tuesday, July 12, I spent the day at Mass General Hospital (MGH) so that I could start the transplant evaluation process. My friend Paula Berger went with me…it’s always good to have someone else there to take notes and ask questions. (Besides, my husband hates doctors. Hates hospitals. Hates needles. Hates sitting around. It […]

Meet a kidney transplant recipient

Thanks to my friend Dana Worley (who creates awesome fuzed glass soap dishes, jewelry, wall hangings, and more…check out her store on Etsy), I exchanged emails with Bob Bayn. Bob, who has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), got his new kidney on December 17, 2010 from a live donor.  You can read his original post about needing a kidney […]