Meet a kidney transplant recipient

Thanks to my friend Dana Worley (who creates awesome fuzed glass soap dishes, jewelry, wall hangings, and more…check out her store on Etsy), I exchanged emails with Bob Bayn. Bob, who has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), got his new kidney on December 17, 2010 from a live donor.  You can read his original post about needing a kidney at his personal blog. He’s got lots of information about donating and the requirements. And after he got his kidney, Bob was interviewed by Jared Thayne for Utah State Magazine in an article called “He’s Got a Ticket to Ride“. (As of June, he was back riding his bike to work :-).)

Bob knows what I’ll be going through…after all, he’s already been down that path. And even though our initial steps were different (PKD is hereditary, while what I have isn’t), the overall treatment is similar: maintain as much kidney function as long as possible. And when the kidneys finally call it quits, get a transplant. (Bob had to go on dialysis for a month or so because his original kidneys had to be removed.)

I’m not quite ready to post the “got a kidney?” request, although it’s coming. I’m an information-gatherer, and I haven’t gotten nearly enough information yet. I’ll know more after my all-day meeting next Tuesday in Boston.

If you’re curious, feel free to post questions in the comments. (Comments will NOT be interpreted as a commitment!) I have a list of questions already, but I’m sure I’m missing some :-)

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  1. Glad you got to “meet” Bob. He’s a good guy (don’t tell him I said so ;)), and certainly an inspiration.

    Good luck with your meeting next week!


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