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I’ve Graduated!

So after you get a transplant, you have to report to the Transplant Clinic on a regular basis. During all the sessions where this was discussed, the breakdown was listed as: Two visits a week for 3-4 weeks One visit a week for 3-4 weeks One visit every other week for a couple of months […]

The Post-transplant Process

After waking up Monday morning (and saying “good-bye” to Sassy Outwater, who spent the night with me), I started acquiring paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. “Transplantation: What Do I Need to Know?” From the Transplant Center. Because I wasn’t expecting to get a kidney for another several years, I hadn’t seen it before. The first […]

The New Drug Regimen

I’ve been on various prescription drugs for what seems like forever. I’ve traveled with prescription bottles, syringes, injectable doses…it was fun (<cough>) getting through airport security at times. But on June 2, I started a completely new regimen because of the new kidney. What was really strange was coming home and completely emptying the cupboard where […]

Playing with My Food

When I was first diagnosed in 1978, I was told to avoid salt. Back then, that was a challenge…the various health foods weren’t really around yet, and salt-free items were both really expensive and really disgusting. As I got sicker, I gained more restrictions. No grapefruits or grapefruit juice (contraindicated with different drugs). Low protein. […]

“A Perfect Match” by Joe McHugh

My dear friend Joe McHugh is a poet. (He’s won contests with his poetry.) It’s his go-to for special occasions, like weddings and graduations…and kidney transplants. It’s an honor to get a dedicated poem. (Joe has also had a variety of medical issues, which I’m not going to share. But much like I was one […]

What a Monday…

So I had my first appointment at the Transplant Clinic on Monday, June 9. I had to be in Boston by 7 a.m., and Jim drove me in after getting home from work. They did my lab work at about 7:20. (You can tell which of us were brand new. Not only were we wearing […]

*How* Many Kidneys Do You Have?

To answer the question: I now have three kidneys. (Yes, three.) Two are working their way toward being retired, and one is now taking over. Kidneys are the only organ where we get a pair when we really only need one. And it’s the only organ where a transplant means “add”, not “replace”. (They will […]

“Thank You” to My Donor

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know anything about you, except for one thing: Someone made the decision that you would become an organ donor when you died. Maybe you ticked the box on your permit or driver’s license (assuming you were old enough), selecting organ donation. Maybe you talked to your family. Maybe […]

Now It’s “My Life After CKD”!

I got the call early on Sunday, June 1, that a kidney was available (as long as the results from my tissue typing tests were good). The results were good. And by that night, I had a new kidney. So I’m no longer living with CKD! Now I’m someone who used to have CKD. I’d […]