“A Perfect Match” by Joe McHugh

My dear friend Joe McHugh is a poet. (He’s won contests with his poetry.) It’s his go-to for special occasions, like weddings and graduations…and kidney transplants. It’s an honor to get a dedicated poem.

(Joe has also had a variety of medical issues, which I’m not going to share. But much like I was one of the first to get a fine needle biopsy back in 1978, Joe has been one of the first for several of his treatments.)

A Perfect Match

In ways it’s like a duplicate.
A mirror of before.
But this one’s more dependable.
A success, a perfect score.

They says this one is new.
Yet I’m a bit amused.
It once was run by someone else.
This organ is used.

The “new” one should add some time.
Here’s to Char 2.0.
A cleaner version of the first.
To see her young son grow.

Let’s cheer for her new organ.
That lady is quite the catch.
And as for her kidney,
It’s such a perfect match.

From one miracle of science to another…

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  1. Well done.

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