Now It’s “My Life After CKD”!

I got the call early on Sunday, June 1, that a kidney was available (as long as the results from my tissue typing tests were good).

The results were good. And by that night, I had a new kidney.

So I’m no longer living with CKD! Now I’m someone who used to have CKD.

I’d been thinking that I needed to blog because wow, it had been awhile. But for me, living with CKD meant optimizing priorities, and all sorts of things floated higher in the list than blogging. Things like spending time with my son (OK, so typically I was the chauffeur, but still…). Making dinner. Doing laundry. Things that other people typically took for granted, I had to account for because there was only so much I could do in a day.

And now, I’ll be blogging about my experiences of the last week. I’ll talk about my pre- and post-op experiences, what I think you should do and know if you have chronic illness, what happens when someone gets a new kidney, my new drug regimen, and more.

In another couple of months, I’ll get my tattoo touched up.

Because I no longer have CKD!

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