What a Monday…

So I had my first appointment at the Transplant Clinic on Monday, June 9. I had to be in Boston by 7 a.m., and Jim drove me in after getting home from work.

They did my lab work at about 7:20. (You can tell which of us were brand new. Not only were we wearing masks, which are required for the first several weeks when we’re out in public, but we were there before 7 a.m.) Then they check vitals (weight and blood pressure, two really important readings that indicate just how the new kidney is functioning…if I gain more than 5 pounds in 3 days or if my blood pressure is and remains high, the kidney could be having problems).

Next up was a visit with a nurse to go over my med card (it lists all my drugs, dosage, and time when I’m supposed to take them). And we covered several other topics…like how raw food doesn’t just include sushi / fresh clams / fresh oysters, but also anything made with raw egg or egg yolk (bye, aioli) and carpaccio. Oh, well.

Finally, I got into see the doctor. The new kidney is doing well (although really close to the surface). My incision is healing well, the bruising is started to go away (very slowly), and the swelling will eventually go down. I’m not looking forward to wearing real pants any time soon.

I spent the afternoon with my friends Sina and Lenora, which was really nice. He visits Boston on a regular basis, yet we never seem to be able to get together. And then my friend Paula showed up with dinner (beef shanks, mashed potatoes, and lemon cake). Yum :-)

Jesse is the backup goalie for the Elite Gulls (out of Endicott College), so he headed off to lacrosse practice. Given that I can’t drive for at least another three weeks, my friend Mary Ellen picked him up. This is going to be an interesting month.

One good thing happened: I’ve gotten permission to have my labs done at Salem Hospital before heading into the clinic. I still have to be at a lab at 7 a.m., but at least it’s the one five minutes from my house! And then I only have to go into Boston for the doctor’s appointment. No more six-hour visits! And (I don’t know why), but after stressing last week that I would have to be in the clinic two days a week, they changed it to once. Works for me :-)

Oh, and this time, my reaction to Prednisone is hyper. (I flip between hyper and hypo each time I take it. Hyper is somewhat better, just because I actually get stuff done. Unless I really want or need to sleep. Then it’s not so nice. But I’m sure my body will figure it out eventually.)

They’re still working on getting my blood levels balanced out, so some dosages have already been tweaked. And they added in a magnesium supplement because my magnesium levels are too low.

Apart from being up for 18 hours, it was a really good day.

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