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Tests, tests, and more tests…

I spent a lot of time last week at different buildings at Mass General Hospital (MGH) getting more tests done. (The good news is that I can now get between all the buildings without feeling totally disoriented. And I can find the parking garage when I’m done. Yippee!) On Wednesday, I had an Echo Stress […]

Support Senator Richard Durbin’s bill…please!

(Note: This applies to U.S. citizens only. I don’t know what the laws are in other countries about transplants.) As I mentioned in I’m an anomaly, one of the stupidest things that kidney transplant recipients have to deal with is the 36-month limit on Medicare’s transplant drug coverage. (Basically, after the government pays for the […]

And so the “transplant evaluation” process starts…

On Tuesday, July 12, I spent the day at Mass General Hospital (MGH) so that I could start the transplant evaluation process. My friend Paula Berger went with me…it’s always good to have someone else there to take notes and ask questions. (Besides, my husband hates doctors. Hates hospitals. Hates needles. Hates sitting around. It […]

Now for a slight change of plans…

In April, my doctor told me it was time to start dialysis and had me meet with a peritoneal dialysis nurse. That went fine, although no one here was really looking forward to shipments of 120 bags of solution every month. (Where on earth would I store them?) And trying to figure out future travel […]

I Can’t Complain

32 years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, also called CKD (specifically, I had Membraneous Glomerulonephritis (chronic)). I was living near Allentown, PA, at the time, and my doctor, Dr. Paul Bosonac, was awesome. He spent a lot of time explaining what was wrong with me (basically, he explained it as “holey nephrons”), […]